Bistro du Midi, Boston Common

Yesterday after work, some friends and I went to Bistro du Midi on Boylston Street which overlooks the beautiful Boston Common. I had been wanting to go this adorable, European-style restaurant for a long time now and yesterday seemed like the perfect day.

We sat outside on the patio, which offers slightly uncomfortable seating, but it was still lovely. We drank exotic colourful drinks and nibbled on delicious, over-priced appetizers that weren't that yummy. Whatever! When in Rome, right?

In conclusion, this place is absolutely lovely. The decor, the drinks, the "foreign-ness" altogether immediately transport you from Boston to Paris. I would definitely come back here again especially upstairs where there is a beautiful dining room for long, sit-down dinners. Anyway, that is all for now. I definitely recommend you all to go here for fruity cocktails on the patio during a warm summer night. CIAO! xoxo

Theme Song: Aganju by Bebel Gilberto


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