Beaucage Salon & Spa, Newbury Street

Yesterday morning I finally mustered up the courage to do what I have been looking forward to doing for the last 6 months - BEYONCIFY my hair! For the warm season, I like to change my hair color to very warm brown and blonde. This might be the blondest I have ever gone, but I LOVE IT! I already feel so much more fun and wilder ;)

I decided to have this major change done at Beaucage on Newbury Street. I had heard good things about the salon and their prices weren't outrageous like some other venues on La Rue de Newbury. My stylist was a lovely, red-headed young lady named Lauren. Lauren spent 3.75 hours with me in the salon to ensure that we both got the look on me that we wanted.

When I first checked in at the salon, it was packed! I was worried that I would get lost in the crowd and they wouldn't give me the attention I needed and wanted. However, I was wrong as every member of the staff at Beaucage goes out of their way to make sure that their clients are satisfied.

Even though by the end of my experience here I was exhausted (3.75 hours is a long time! I was hungry and sleepy :() I am really pleased with Beaucage! I recommend Lauren to someone who wants to go from one end of the hair color spectrum to the other! She is thorough, meticulous, and a perfectionist. I need to go in for a touch-up on Saturday to get the last bits of orange out of my hair, hopefully I won't be there for as long as I was yesterday!

PS. Take advantage of their June & July promotion which is a free eyebrow waxing with any facial purchase. I know for a fact that Beaucage is a gold standard location for eyebrows!
PSS. Check out the before and after!


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