Whiskey Park @ The Park Plaza Hotel PART 2

Last night we went to Whiskey Park for Lauren's birthday. Just like the first time, it was so much fun!

A special shout out to promoter Jeff Raymond, who worked so hard to make sure that Lauren and her friends were taken care of and fully enjoyed their time at Whiskey Park.

Since I already reviewed the place, atmosphere, and drinks previously, I don't want to bore you all with the same schpeel all over again. But I will highlight some ANNOYING events from the evening.

Overall, we all had a blast. HOWEVER, I will use my blog as a platform to announce that it is NOT COOL to intrude on other people's parties and mooch off their booze. [As seen in the photo] Second, that crazy Masshole bitch who was getting physical with my friends outside of the club over a NY vs. Boston vs. Miami debate, get a life loser. I hope she was blackout drunk because I pity her if she's like that on a normal basis. It is so un-classy & trashy for women to behave in such manner. Third, why is it so difficult to get a cab in Boston at 2 am! There should be an abundance of them out. That is freakin' peak time!

In any case, Whiskey Park did not disappoint. Great drinks, fantastic ambience, fist-pumping music, and of course most important, fabulous company. I have to be cocky and say that my group of girlfriends at the party were THE sexiest at the club especially the birthday girl. We were the ultimate divas on the loose. Just sayin' ;) I love Whiskey Park and I will definitely be back here more often! Just one piece of advice, relocate your washroom! Ciao Boston. TTYL xoxo
Theme Song: Hey Hey by Dennis Ferrer


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