District Lounge, Leather District

Last night, a large group of friends and I went to the District Lounge in the Leather District close to Chinatown. We had a great, belligerent time because there was dancing, music was great, drinks were flowing, and obviously our crew is always the life of the party! As usual, my other 1/2 Lauren and I were shamelessly lip-synching and grooving to the Top 40 Jams as if we were in the music video.

PLUSES: Great drinks. Good music. Bumpin' & Grindin'. Crowd was a lil G so almost everyone had some sweet moves. Ample space to dance.

MINUSES: Cab BS. $15 cover that is "donated." One of the bouncers is kind of mean.

On the whole, we had a FABULOUS time celebrating graduation. I recommend District Lounge to anyone looking to go out dancing with a fun, unpretentious crowd without going to a club.

A special shout out to my dear sister who traveled all the way from New Jersey [LOL] to celebrate this joyous occasion with me. It was her first time hanging out in Boston and I am pretty sure I have convinced her to move here!

Theme Song: Sassy (Ultraviolet Sound Remix) by Kat Graham.


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