25th: Reflection, Enlightenment & Sage Wisdom

Since I was a little tater tot, I sincerely believed that the entire month of July belonged to me. It’s never just been a birthday; I have a birth month. Though the mentality has remained the same, this year's a little different for a couple of reasons.

The first: I’m about to turn 25. I feel different; it's very difficult to describe and it’s definitely not what I thought it was going to be like…

25 always seemed like the most majestic age. I just couldn't wait to be 25 - it equated to sheer bliss and perfection in the eyes of 5, 10, even 18 year-old Sumaira. For reasons only children understand, I envisioned myself to be supermodel tall, rich & famous, newly betrothed, and naturally fabulous. Something about the way 25 sounded seemed so far away and too good to be true.

The second difference: At the start of my birth month this year, I met with my first (and hopefully last) health scare. I was diagnosed, sick, hospitalized, and then sick again for 2 straight weeks. I had never felt so sick and weak before. 

Thankfully, it’s not life threatening, but a burden and an eye opening experience. At my most vulnerable state, I looked at my surroundings and thought, "how did this happen to me?" My invincible spell was broken.

Young people tend to lead their lives as if they're wearing a bulletproof vest. That's the beauty of youth though, isn't it? You think you're forever unscathed and shielded from all bad until it happens to you. In a matter of seconds, your entire outlook on life can change. Priorities shift. Perspectives change. Relationships gain different meanings. And one finally grows up.

Life throws you curves but you learn to swerve [Rascal Flatts] Yeah, I'm not the tallest, I'm certainly not rich, and am very much single. That being said, 25 has arrived and given all the circumstances, I'm more than okay with who I've become. I'm happy, blessed, and enriched daily with so much love. Oh... and I'd like to think I'm naturally fabulous or at least en route! ;)

25 is going to be my year to thrive. I can feel it. 

Life is fickle as is the quality of it so...

Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love deeply. Laugh uncontrollably. 
Never regret anything that made you smile. (Ethan Mascarenhas)

Happy 25th birthday to me. xoxo


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