Hops N Scotch, Coolidge Corner

Last week, I met up with a good friend of mine for dinner and drinks at Coolidge Corner's newest addition, Hops N Scotch (formerly Finale). Ever since I read the article in Improper Bostonian about this restaurant, I have been finding an excuse to check it out. 

Hops N Scotch is precisely what Coolidge Corner was missing - a classy yet casual place where people of all ages can join for drinks, food, and sports any night of the week. The atmosphere was very happening for a Wednesday night. I like the decor and ambiance - it's very cozy and welcoming. Lots of different kind of seating arrangements that cater to everyone's ambitions for going to Hops N Scotch. 

All is great about HNS however, I only had qualms about one thing... I am currently on a diet and trying to behave when I go out to eat. Hops N Scotch has very limited menu options. When I say limited, I mean it. I have never been to a restaurant that offered such little options for their patrons. Additionally, all the food is very unhealthy and fried. YIKES! Not helping me out one bit. I would usually find no bread-service to be taboo but let's be real, I don't need any bread so won't hold them accountable for that! ;) Food is probably not the USP of HNS so I guess no biggie.

Other than the food, I really do think HNS is great especially for Coolidge Corner. I had the privilege of meeting one of the owners who was such a sweetheart. I think they will find a lot of success in Brookline. Even though I'm not a sports person by ANY means, I could see myself joining some friends to watch an athletic event on their large screen tvs if in the mood lol. 

Check out Hops N Scotch out if you're looking for a casual place to wind down after work, eat some fried food, and hang out.

PS. The owners of HNS are the same owners as the wine and spirits store next door!


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