Emerald Lounge, Revere Hotel

Saturday night, my friends and I ventured to the newest hot spot in Boston - The Emerald Lounge inside of the Revere Hotel (formerly the Radisson).

The Emerald Lounge is located on the club-saturated Stuart St. You'd think because there are so many great places to go in that area that Emerald would have to work extra hard to get people in the door. Quite the contray, Emerald Lounge stands tall and confidently offering its amazing space and interesting decor as its USP - not to mention no cover charge which is always a plus!

If you know me well, you know I hate bathrooms but I was lured into this Ruby Lounge via the bathrooms and I found the washroom area to be rather sexy. As my friend best put it, these bathrooms were made to have sex in them LOL.

The Emerald Lounge reminds me a lot of my old stomping ground Whiskey Park which sadly shut down :(  It offers the same kind of loungey yet clubby environment without being too trashy if ya know what I mean. I had an absolute blast at Emerald and am DEF going back.

A special thanks to Teodora for being such a sweetheart to me and my friends! XOXO


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