JORGO Salon, 168 Newbury St

Seldom do I leave a hair salon tear-free. Today was definitely one of those days.

I know I was very overdue for a haircut, but I am one of those long-haired, scaredy cats who dread going to the hair salon even whentheir split ends could be spotted from miles away. I originally had intentions of getting my haircut tomorrow, but as I was strolling down Newbury Street this afternoon, I noticed a new hair salon with a huge sign that read "20% off for all new clients." So Ithought, "Sweet! Maybe I'll come here tomorrow."

BEFORE [Eugh, Plain Jane] AFTER [Oh yeah baby!]

I walked in and was greeted by an undeniably handsome Greek fellow who coincidentally happens to be the owner of the salon (alongside his wife). I was somehow persuaded into getting my haircut today, and boy was I happy to have had it there!

My stylist was Danny Mayhew- an adorable, young, and effervescent young fellow. He noticed I was very uncomfortable so took as much time needed during our consultation. When I got the vibe that we were on the same page, I gave in.

Everything from the initial consultation to the shampooing to the actual haircut was everything I expect from a high-end salon. Danny is extremely patient and talented in his field. He gave me the exact haircut I wanted.

I highly recommend this salon for more than one reason. They are professional and extremely patient with their clients. You get premium service for justifiable costs. For the first time in a long time, I left a salon feeling confident and happy!

Great atmosphere + fabulous location + friendly staff + amazing haircut = wonderful experience.


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