BOND @ Langham Hotel, Post Office Square

Last night, a couple of my girlfriends wanted to go out for drinks, but none of us were in the mood to do anything too crazy. So we decided to go to BOND at the Langham Hotel in Post Office Square. Not only were we being extremely economical by deciding to take the T there, but we got on it for free! (It feels so amazing to get a free ride for a service that is overpriced anyway.)

I especially love going to BOND in the Fall/Winter because if there ever is a line to get in, it's always inside. You never have to freeze your tuchus off outside. Also, the coat check is complimentary which is always a plus!

The Langham Hotel itself is beautiful, but BOND is even more beautiful. Once you make it up the stairs, you are instantly wooed by how bewitching the place is. I appreciated the structure and design of BOND - the ceiling is really high, dark red and orange hues are splashed on the walls, mirrors are coming at you from every angle, glistening chandeliers are hanging from the ceiling, the seating arrangements are lovely, all creating a very sexy, dark ambience. You've heard me say this before but it is true, BOND is very Sex and the City-ish. In particular, I was reminded of Carrie's rehearsal dinner in the first SATC movie.

There was a Harvard Law School party going on, so the majority was pretty much talking to each other and not really mingling with strangers. We were totally fine with that as we bonded over our drinks and just enjoyed much needed girl time. In addition to the law kids, half of Kazakhstan's population were there, Jersey Shore cast member look-alikes (obviously, because they are EVERYWHERE now!), a sprinkling of handsome young Bostonian socialites (very few), and of course, the wannabe adulterous old men.

I think BOND is a great place to go for a girls night out. I definitely think it is a little bit underestimated because some people were dressed way too casually for this beautiful venue. I think that the music should have been more lounge-y. The washrooms are kind of inconveniently located - oh well. And OBVIOUSLY there was a TV with a football game on at the bar - what is with this stupid phenomenon!

I will definitely be coming back here again in the wintertime and that too, with more energy. The three of us were on the verges of falling asleep after each having one glass of the sweetest white wine in the house [ugh, we're getting old :(] Overall, I had a lovely and relaxing time here with my girlfriends. I highly recommend BOND to anyone looking for a relaxing but classy evening.

WARNING! If you come here wearing high heels, be very careful going down the staircase to the lobby aka THE STAIRWAY TO HELL. I trampled down these stairs on two separate occasions prior to my visit here last night and both times I was completely sober... hehe Ciao! xoxo

Theme Song: 2Nite - Janet Jackson


  1. BOND has a fabulous afternoon tea! I tried caviar and foie gras (sp?) If you go take me!!!


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