Taking Charge of My Life

Just like everyone else, I decided that 2016 will be my year - a year of self-discovery when I will blossom into the healthiest, happiest and most successful version of me.  

I've reached the peak of tolerance with my health issues; my patience is worn thin. I'm desperate to get better because there's a lot to accomplish that's been put on hold due to my illness. I don't want to take any more pills, endure anymore arduous treatments or feel "sick" anymore. These are my goals for the year. 

It was 11 AM on the Monday before New Year's in New Jersey. Within an hour of waking up, I had a pounding headache and was a raging b&*ch! Then, I drank coffee and both symptoms magically disappeared. Then, it dawned on me. "WHOA! Coffee controls me."

I went cold turkey and stopped drinking coffee three weeks ago. The caffeine withdrawal was BRUTAL but this decision has been a game changer for the better!

Sleep: My sleep took a major hit with the medications I've been on. I took Ambien almost every night for an entire year which means I never achieved REM sleep, never felt rested and was always tired. No good. I'm still on the medications but now, I can fall asleep naturally, through the night, albeit later than desired, without the need of a sleeping agent. (My mom is especially pleased with this!)

Energy & Mood: I have new found energy! I say new found because it's truly very different from anything I've ever felt before - it's authentic and natural; not a stimulant boost. I feel "lighter" in many respects. Not sure if I'm able to accurately convey how good I've been feeling in words but just know - it's fantastic!

Money: This one goes without saying but I've saved a lot of money. Let's say you spend an average of $3/day on coffee - simple math - that's $1,095 a year! BYE FELICIA! 

Whiter Teeth: Coffee stains your teeth. Period. 

There's plenty of evidence suggesting that coffee is in fact good for you and I still believe that it can have favorable effects. I'm not here to begin an anti-caffeine crusade and convince you to never drink it again. I'm simply sharing how cutting out coffee has been beneficial to my situation. 

Caffeine withdrawal is no joke though (it's even considered a mental health disorder!) If you're considering cutting coffee out, I highly recommend staying away from human beings for the first 3-4 days. You will have the worst headaches known to mankind, be absolutely miserable and extremely irritable but it's totally worth it! Next step towards a healthy me: nutrition 180! Stay tuned on my progress :)

P.S. It's SO liberating to not be addicted to anything anymore!


  1. Every person nowadays is addicted to something to keep themsleves moving around the clock. Some people prefer tea or coffee and some go far ahead towards drinking or drugs.


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