Carrie Nation, Beacon Hill

Last weekend, my girlfriends and I went to this somewhat new joint, Carrie Nation in the hub of Beacon Hill.

Carrie Nation is supposed to be a cocktail lounge with a "speakeasy" sort of theme. What Carrie Nation actually is is a confused, HOT MESS!

Let's start with the vast space - it's huge! Perhaps it was because of the hour that I arrived, but I felt the space was so poorly utilized. The entire front seating area where I imagine dinner usually happens was empty. Everyone was mostly congregating at the bar or on line to play pool... 

The bar was the most frustrating bar I have ever been to in my life. It took literally 30 minutes to get a drink. (Please staff more than 2 bartenders on a Saturday night!) And this line I just spoke of... seems kind of silly to have to wait on line for some billiard. 

In terms of the crowd, just a little too "bro-ey" for me if ya know what I mean. So many pretentious 20-something-year-olds stuck in their fraternity modes. Not to mention, the guy to girl ratio was completely disproportionate. 

Anyway, I wasn't a fan. I think there was great intention but poor execution. What a beautiful venue but crappy crowd. YIKES! If I were in charge of marketing this place, I would align it with the likes of Sonsie or Towne. It has so much potential but feels like Beacon Hill Pub. Oh well. 


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