Fuel, Brighton

I've lived in Brighton for 3 years and sadly, I've never taken the time to explore my own neighborhood. Silly  mistake. During the past couple of weeks, my neighbor and I have been trekking around the hood learning that Brighton is actually full of charm and hidden gems. 

On this lovely Saturday afternoon, I am "working" in a gasoline-themed coffee shop known as Fuel. Seven-month old Fuel is located on Chestnut Hill Ave in Brighton. 

The coffee is bold and fresh. The decor is cohesive with the name. The ambiance is quiet and studious. Everyone is working feverishly on their laptops appearing so motivated. This place makes me want to go to grad school. 

I hope Fuel is able to maintain its charm and doesn't become too pretentious once more people discover it. I will definitely come back here to pretend like I'm doing work or if I want to surround myself around ambitious people. 

Check it out! XOXO


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