Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, Brookline Village

Ever since I moved back from my little stint in New York City, I have been aching to do hot yoga. Truth be told, the only thing better about NYC than Boston is that there is a hot yoga studio at every 5th block. We barely have any here!

Thankfully, there is one studio dedicated strictly to hot yoga in Brookline Village which is a hop, skip, and a jump from my office. How convenient! Baptise Power Vinyasa Yoga is located at 21 Harvard Street amongst many other workout places. What sets this place apart from the rest? The warm (literally) welcoming ambiance the studio offers. 

All staff members at this studio are so kind and patient with their beginner as well as experienced yogis. People of all levels are welcome to practice with each other. This is nice because beginners such as myself are inspired by the expert 70 year old who is standing on his head next to you effortlessly. 

Baptiste Yoga offers new clients a 30-day unlimited pass for only $40 which is a complete steal! This pass allows you to feel out the studio as well as the form of yoga. I will definitely be coming back regularly after my pass has expired. I am now determined to become a hot yogi expert. 

Visit for more information. 
Ah, I feel so relaxed today :)


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