Julep, Financial District

Last night, I finally made it around to the fairly new Julep, located in the Financial District. (Julep used to be Revolution Rock) So, what's the verdict? So so.

Thank God I got there semi-early because minutes later, the line was outrageous! At first when I got there, I really liked the place! The lounge-esque decor and music made me feel totally in my element. The DJ was blasting my favorite lounge tracks by St. Germaine, Jazzanova, Samantha James - you know, you're non-mainstream artists that no one has ever heard of. All the yuppies seemed to be in good spirits and it was definitely a mingling kind of environment.

Once the rest of my group arrived, hip-hop music came on and we were dancing like it was our jobs. Somewhere in between the lounging and club dancing, my attitude toward the place changed. Julep went from a classy, Sex and the City kind of place to a club with people who couldn't dance (with the exception of my friends of course :))

I guess I am a little confused as to what kind of place Julep is trying to establish itself as. Lounge? Club? I also was not too fond of how segregated the tables were from the rest of the place. I told the bouncer I felt like I was Rosa Parks LOL. Anyway, I guess it's worth checking out? Not sure if I'll go back but now I can say that I've tried it. Ciao!

PS. Thanks to their oh-so private table area, I now have great inspirations on how to decorate my living room!

Theme Song: So Flute by St. Germaine


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